A business management process designed to stimulate innovation within organisations.

The key competitive advantage for any business today is the ability to innovate.  Facing the challenges of continuous change in markets, technologies, competitors and legislation requires creative people who will make innovation one of the most important activities to sustain and develop market position and profitability.

  • Does your business have a portfolio of new product ideas to sustain business growth over the next five years?

  • Does your business have a strategy to implement and drive your innovation plans forward?

Bainestorm is a workshop mechanism which addresses these questions by providing the framework to stimulate new ideas, organise and prioritise existing ideas and select winning ideas by evaluation against market needs and company strategy.

Different workshop formats are available depending on client needs and the most suitable mechanisms to trigger and maximise creative output. Sessions are 'fun' and facilitate team building and understanding and enhance the creative potential of those participating.

What Bainestorm will deliver:

  • At least 300 new product ideas

  • Ideas screened and selected ideas evaluated for market relevance and profit potential

  • At least 3 new product ideas which will be progressed to market launch

BFC can arrange to have new product prototypes developed for Company evaluation.