Savoury Flavours

Expertise in the chemistry and technology of the Maillard reaction with experience stretching back 30 years to the Unilever Laboratories near Bedford where the first Maillard based savoury process flavours were developed and patented.

BFC Offers:

  • Bespoke development of savoury process flavours including the key meat flavours of beef, chicken, pork and lamb and sweet/brown process flavours such as caramel, chocolate, malt and bread.

  • Blending of savoury topnotes for use with process flavours.

  • Development of compound savoury and chocolate flavours incorporating process flavours and other ingredients. 

  • Development of precursor savoury flavours.

  • Evaluation of new ingredients for use in process flavours.

  • Assistance in sourcing ingredients for process flavours.

  • Use of enzymes in savoury process flavours and key precursors.

  • Development of cheese flavours - EMC and topnote.

  • Spray drying and scale-up of process flavours to full manufacturing capacity.

  • Advice on the regulatory aspects of process flavours.

  • In-house training in process flavour technology.

  • Development of savoury flavours for pet food products.*

* David Baines managed palatability research projects for a major European pet food business over a period of 10 years.

Flavours were developed for use in cat and dog foods, including dry, semi-moist and canned, for palatability and purchaser appeal.