Expertise in the application, chemistry and technology of food ingredients, phytochemicals, nutraceuticals and functional foods across a wide range of food products and manufacturing technologies.

Support and contacts to facilitate the development and diversification of food and food ingredient businesses.

  • Project Management

  • New Product Development

  • New Product Idea Generation

  • Market Research

  • Technology Surveys

  • Interim Management

  • Completed Briefs Include:

    • Idea generation and sourcing of nutraceutical ingredients for unique, first to market, food products with a health message for a leading Ethnic Food Group.

    • Technical, market and regulatory evaluation of a novel savoury flavouring ingredient and assistance with the launch strategy.

    • Identification and development of new markets for a novel protein concentrate manufactured in Germany.

    • The use of ingredients and manufacturing technologies to widen consumer acceptance of sheep meat in the UK.

    • Research into the Ukraine market for food ingredients and identification of opportunities for new ingredients to encourage market development and diversification.

    • Market research on yeast extracts and hydrolysed vegetable proteins.

    • Identification and sourcing of novel health food ingredients for a new entrant into the UK market

    • Evaluation of ingredients companies as acquisition targets for a major UK FMCG Company.