BFC runs courses in conjunction with Leatherhead Food RA

Innovation, Brainstorming and Creativity:

Delivers the techniques and skills required to lead and organise idea generation and creative problem solving sessions. The course is designed to help managers and their teams think creatively - 'outside their boxes and comfort zones' and generate winning ideas for new products.

Topics include: What is Creativity and Innovation? Unblocking Barriers and Mind Sets to Creativity, Cube Crawling, Idea Generating Techniques, Picking Winners, Implementing Solutions.

The course is very interactive and contains a number of workshops and idea generation practicals.

The course is jointly run by David Baines, BFC, and Tony Hines MBE, Leatherhead Food RA.

Flavour in Foods:

Tailored to meet the needs of product development technologists working in the food industry.  Provides a broad working knowledge of flavours and their use in food products.

Topics include:  What is flavour?  How does flavour influence food choice?  Olfactory and gustatory chemoreception, Character impact compounds and flavour keys, What are the main types of flavours?  The application of flavours and how to get the most out of them,  Regulatory requirements in the use of flavours.  

The course includes a tasting and assessment session of flavour applications to a range of food products including meat products, dairy products, snack foods, soft drinks, soups and sauces. This course is jointly run by David Baines of BFC and Richard Seal of Food Dynamics.

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Lectures and In-House Training

The following topics can be tailored to meet needs of businesses, teaching establishments etc.

Flavour and Food Ingredients Topics:

Maillard Chemistry and Process Flavour Technology

Food Additives and E- Numbers

Encapsulation, Flavour Delivery and Flavour Release

The Chemistry of Gustation and Olfaction.

Flavour Applications - Getting the Most Out of Flavours

Lecture: 'Suck It and See' -The Confessions of a Flavour Chemist.

Food Safety Topics:

Food Safety Strategies for Large and Small Businesses

HACCP in Food Manufacturing

HACCP in Retail and Catering Outlets

'Anatomy of a Disaster' - Lessons from the Microbiological Contamination of a Food Plant.

Innovation Topics:

Harnessing Creativity - Delivering Innovation

Lateral Thinking and De Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Facilitating Companies to be More Creative - Unblocking Organisational Barriers.